How does At-Home IPL Treatment Work?

Professional At-Home IPL handsets, like the Lumilia Lux™, make use of professional grade light energy from a Xenon Quartz lamp to target the specific area accurately and remove pigmented or damaged skin cells or hair follicles.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation mode can assist with the following:

✅ Boost Collagen Production
✅ Reduces skin redness & rosacea
✅ Improved appearance of acne scars
✅ Reduce sun spots
✅ Hyperpigmentation
✅ Improved fine wrinkles
✅ Reduced pore size


These state-of-the-art IPL machines will target a variety of wavelengths of light onto the area being treated. The advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) heats the cells under your skin and slowly breaks them down. The body will start to breakdown and remove the damaged tissue naturally.

IPL Skin rejuvenation is very popular for the facial area. Consistent and repeated IPL photo facials encourage the skin to shed and renew its outer layer, a process that gradually eliminates scar tissue.