About Us

"Unlock the Beauty of Self-Confidence and Freedom with Lumilia Skin Co."

 At Lumilia Skin Co, we are driven by a powerful vision: to empower our clients with innovative beauty products that put you back in control of your body and time. Our mission is to inspire people worldwide to embrace self-confidence, self-love, and freedom through our exceptional offerings.

Why choose us? In 2019, Lumilia Skin Co. revolutionized the hair removal landscape with the launch of our groundbreaking Lumilia Lux IPL Device. This professional tool was designed for both at-home and salon use, providing unmatched convenience and effectiveness. Since then, we have remained at the forefront of hair removal innovation with our latest IPL Laser range.

Discover a world where self-confidence and freedom are your allies, and let Lumilia Skin Co. be your partner on this transformative journey to radiant beauty and empowerment.

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58B Maple Rd, Pomona, Kempton Park, 1619

Cape Town Head Office

45 Van Niekerk St, Oakdale, Cape Town, 7530

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